Frequently Asked Questions

call-faqQuestion:  How much does it cost to have a web site built?
Answer:  We can build anywhere from a 1 page website to a site that has hundreds of pages.  Contact us for pricing.
Question:  How long does it take to build a website?
Answer:  On average, it takes 30 to 60 days to design, develop and launch a website as long as we received the required information from the client.
Question:  Do you use design templates?
Answer:  We build the website to customer specifications.  We build websites from scratch though the use of our design team.
Question:  Do you build Shopping Cart sites?
Answer:  Absolutely!  We work with several different companies and can design a shopping cart to your specifications
Question:  Do you take on existing sites for changes, marketing & updates?
Answer:  Yes we are more than happy to manage your existing website.
Question:  What are your payment terms?
Answer:  We require a 50% deposit at job start and the final 50% on day of completion.
Question:  What payment methods do you accept?
Answer:  Business Checks, Personal Checks, Credit Cards & Paypal.
Question:  What is the process in building a web site?
Answer: We conduct an initial telephone or face to face consultation with our clients to determine their need.  We require a 50% deposit to start the project.  The client has the responsibility to forward all of the information that they want on the website in a timely matter.  The content is added to the design.  The full web site is built and completed with all of the necessary changes required.  The final 50% payment is required to take the site live.
Question:  What is my role as the client in building a web site?
Answer:  You will need to furnish us with all of the necessary information for your site on an agreed upon schedule.  This information consists of any original art work that you own, photos, "about us" information and other text that you want on your website.  The site will only be as good as the information that you send to us.  You will need to review and comment on the progress throughout the building of the site on a timely basis.  Your input is very important to deliver the website to you on a timely basis.
Question:  Who writes the text for the web site?
Answer:  Text can be written by you, the client who knows your business better than anyone, or we can write the text for you based on the information that you supply to us. 
Question:  Who has the final approval for the text?
Answer:  The client makes the final decision on everything that we do.
Question:  What is web hosting?
Answer:  Web hosting is the computer in which your web site files are placed so anyone can access your website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
Question:  Do you provide web hosting?
Answer:  Yes, we will maintain a web hosting account on your behalf.
Question:  What is a domain name?
Answer:  The domain name is the address at which your website can be located.  An example would be
Question:  Will you register my domain name?
Answer:  Yes, we will register your domain name for you. 
Question:  Does your company do Search Engine Optimization?
Answer:  Yes, our company does Search Engine Optimization.  We have a complete program to help your company get better placement on the Search Engines.  We can discuss this program with you to help promote your site.

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